appetizers menu


Sesame Chicken Strips

Tender Chicken Strip coated with tangy better and sesames served with chips and sauce

R 72

Dynamite Loaded Cheese Fries

A combination of fries, chicken, jalapeno, veggies, cheese and signature sauces

S - R 45

L - R 65


Fried crunchy tender chicken strips marinated in our special spices served with spicy sauce

R 74

Honey & Lemon Strips

Fried chicken strips coated with bread crumbs honey and lemon sauce on top served with chips and sauce

R 74

Crispy Hot Wings

Fried tender chicken wings marinated with our signature spices comes with dip sauce

6 pcs- R 60

12 pcs - R 110

Charcoal Wings

Special marinated charcoal chicken wings served with chips

6 pcs - R 65

12 pcs - R 120

Lollipop Chicken

Fried lollipop shape chicken wings coated with crispy better serve with spicy salsa sauce & fries

R 78


Pasta De Fusilli

Fusilli shape pasta with our Signature sauce your choice of vegetables & meat, parmesan cheese and special spices

ADD VEGGIE PER ITEM- 10/R Mushroom | Capsicum | Black Olive | Broccoli | Red Onion | EXTRA CHEESE

Available in: Alfredo Sauce, Marinara Sauce, Mixed Sauce.

Chicken - R 99

Polo A la Parmigianino

Italian dish consists crispy breaded chicken breast covered with Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese Served with your choice of pasta/green salad & chips

R 115

Spicy Mac & Doritos

A combination of fusilli pasta, signature cheesy cheddar sauce, spicy meat chunks with hot flaming doritos

Chicken - R 125

Beef Lasagna

Baked dish which is made with stacked layers of pasta sheets filling with beef mined, tomato basil sauce, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan cheese Served with garlic bread

R 99

Entercote Steak

Juicy tender beef steak comes with signature sauce, green salad/steak rice and onion rings/chips

R 135

italian menu
freaking sandwiches


All sandwiches are served with a small portion of chips and 300ML Drink.

Crispy Chick Fill-A

Fried Crispy tender chicken thigh, lettuce, signature sauces, cheese slice and gherkins

R 75

Cheeseious American Jalapeno

Juicy grilled petty, fried cheese stuffed jalapeno, lettuce, signature jalapeno pepper sauce, tomato, and onion

Chicken - R 78

Beef - R 88

The Ultimate Boss

A combination of juicy beef petty, grilled chicken strips, fried mozzarella petty, signature sauces, Lettuce, gherkins

R 110

Caribbean Cowboy

Tender Grilled Steaks, signature sauces, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, cheese slices and fried onion rings

Chicken - 78

Beef - 89

Rainbow Sliders

A tempting combination of colorful mini bun fill with burger sauce, lettuce, cheese slice, and juicy chicken or beef petty

Chicken - 75

Beef - 85

Philly Cheese Steak Sub

Tender steak mix with bell peppers, onion, mushroom signature sauces and malted cheese

Chicken - 84

Beef - 94

Doritos Daddy

Our special juicy petties along signature sauces, lettuce, Tomato, Onion, gherkin layers of cheese slices and hot flaming doritos

Chicken - 90

Beef - 99

Meat the Cheese

Juicy grilled patty with cheese patty, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno and sauces

Chicken - 78

Beef - 86

Jumbo Beast

Jumbo Fried Breaded Chicken Breast , Lettuce, Tomatoes & Sauces Served with chips.

Chicken - 85


All dishes are served with chips, sauces, salad, rice and flat bread

Doner Kebab Mezze

Thinly sliced super tender doner meat

Chicken - R 115

Beef - R 130

Adana Kebab

Charcoal grilled hand-minced meat kebab with the blend of fine Turkish spices

R 135

Charcoal Chicken

Super juicy chicken grilled on charcoals marinated in our signature spices

Quarter - R 89

Half - R 125

Full - R 175

Etli Fajita

Turkish based stir-fry meat with fix pepper and spices

Chicken - R 120

Beef - R 135

Kuzu sis

Super tender juicy grilled skewered meat, red onion, bell peppers with touch of Turkish spices

Chicken - R 125

Beef - R 140

Tukish Mix Grill

Combination of adana kebab, pirzola, kuzu sis, doner kebab chicken and quarter chicken

R 245


Charcoal grilled juicy chops marinated in olive oil, sumac, tahini, dill and other seasonings

Mutton - R 168

turkish menu
vegan menu


Falafel Pocket Sandwich

Crispy falafels filled along lettuce, tomato, pickles and sauces in fresh pocket bread

R 82

Falafel Mezze

Soft crispy falafel comes with salad, pickle, fries, garlic sauce, flat bread and rice

R 115


All wraps/shawarmas are served with a small portion of chips and 300ML Drink.

Authentic Shawarma

Super juicy doner meat along pickle, lettuce, tomato, onion and sauce filled in fresh tortilla

Chicken - R 76

Beef - R 86

Pocket Doner Kebab

Juicy doner kebab meat with gherkins, tomato, Onion, lettuce, and garlic sauce filled in a fresh pocket bread

Chicken - R 79

Beef - R 88

Adana Kebabish

Charcoal grilled hand-minced meat kebab with the blend of fine Turkish spices

R 82

Creamy Chicken

Juicy charcoal creamy chicken chunks, jalapeno, lettuce, red onion, special sauce, fries in a fresh tortilla bread

R 80

Folded Cheezious Chicken

A combination of chicken chunks, cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, sauces filled in a tortilla bread

R 85

Crispy Doritos Chicken

Crispy chicken chunks, lettuce, gherkins, fries, hot flaming doritos, spicy sauce in a fresh tortilla bread

R 84

Artisan BBQ Chicken

Barbeque chicken, crunchy lettuce, cheese, vegetables, and a drizzle of ranch dressing or similar creamy sauce

R 84

shawarma menu
salad menu



Made with fried pieces of Arabic plat bread with a combination of mixed veggies and Signature sauce

R 78

Classic Kebab Salad

Green veggies, lettuce, red onion, olives with fresh doner meat on the top

R 74

Chicken Caesar Salad

A combination of lettuce, chicken, croutons, cherry tomato, parmesan cheese and special sauce

R 88


Vanilla Velvet Vortex

R 28.90

Choco-Loco Crunchquake

R 28.90

Strawberry Swirl

R 28.90

Oreo Overload Obsession

R 34

Caramel Carnival Delight

R 34

Banana Peanut Boogie

R 34




R 35

Flat Bread

R 15

Butter Rice

R 30


Regular - R 25 | Large - R 30

Battered Fries

Regular - R 29 | Large - R 34

440 ML

R 20

Water 500 ML

R 16


Green Apple

R 24.90

Lemon & Mint

R 24.90

Passion Fruit

R 24.90

Strawberry Lime

R 24.90

Blue Lagoon

R 24.90


Classic Milk Cake

A cold vanilla flavored cake sponges with the topping of vanilla icing along with fresh strawberries and blueberries soaked with 3 types milk syrup

R 80

desert menu



Tangy Garlic

R 15


Jalapeno & Herb

R 12


Spicy Dynamite

R 12


Citrus Salsa

R 12


Bourbon BBQ

R 12


Honey Mustard

R 12


Tax Max Pepper

R 12

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